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Diving and photography have been my passions for over 30 years. I worked as a flight attendant for TWA "to support my diving habit". It gave me the travel benefits to dive the world, time off to do it, and could work just enough to take the next trip. Have retired from flying when AA bought TWA so can finally devote full time to diving and my photography and get back to doing my part to save our oceans. As an environmentalist, I am committed to making a difference on this planet through my images and lectures.

After checking out the diving in many great places, my favorite place in the whole world is the Philippines. Have followed my heart and spent 2 months there every year since 1976. It lies in the Coral Triangle (along with parts of Indonesia & New Guinea) which missed an ice age 18,000 years ago. This fact explains why the Philippines has the richest species diversification in the world and I LOVE seeing new critters almost every dive. I have been able to dive over 250 of the 7,107 islands. Would have dived more, but some islands are so great and the people so wonderful I have to keep returning to them, especially Anilao, Apo, and Tubbataha. I do add a couple new islands most years. I keep saying I will go somewhere else when I run out of new critters to photograph, but we keep finding more new ones every year. This is the reason so many of my photos are from the Philippines. If you are looking for a great diving experience, check out my dive trips and join me.

Thank you for visiting my website!!! Hope you enjoy the experience!
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